Easy-to-Use Legacy & Wishes Planning System


The Future File systems help loved ones lessen their burdens, save time and save money when the unthinkable yet inevitable happens. 



The Future File system provides you and your loved ones two “roadmaps” for legacy planning and affairs. The first helps you to organize your wishes and important information for your loved ones. The second helps your loved ones know what to do when, plus gives them access to that information.

The Future File system helps you take an important step towards helping your loved ones- financially, emotionally and otherwise- during their greatest time of need.

The Hard Copy Product

Our hard copy product has three components:

Instructions Manual. This is where you should start. Read it and follow the instructions to help you to complete the Future File system.Future File Guidebook. This is where you fill out the information and instructions for your loved ones. Because this Guidebook is meant to be readable by a loved one if something happens to you, it is written for their perspective. That’s why the instructions are in a separate manual.

Future File Filing Folder. As you go through the Instructions Manual, you will be prompted to file information, documents and more in this file (or copies of such information or instructions on where to locate the information). You will file that information in sections that correspond to the section of the Instructions Manual. For example, information from Section A of the Instructions Manual will be filed in Section A of your file folder. Also, you will place the completed Guidebook in the front section of the file folder. The Guidebook, along with the additional information that you put into the filing folder separately, will comprise the Future File system that you can give to or share access with your loved ones.

We have found that people over the age of 40 tend to prefer this written format. Where prompted, you do have the option to type or to refer to any already typed/digital information needed.

What it Covers

The Future File system covers incapacitations (including medical emergencies and other types of mental incapacitation, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease), immediate needs related to a passing, and longer-term wrapping up of personal affairs.We have had our product tested by everyday people, estate planners, financial planners, industry professionals and more to make sure it is fully comprehensive. It covers everything from personal to business information, wishes, personal effects, digital accounts and information and so much more. And, you get all of this for a tremendous value- a small price to pay to give your loved ones the peace of mind, time savings and financial savings that come with preparing your Future File.




The Future File system was designed to help you to help your loved ones in their greatest time of need. It’s the last and most important gift that you can leave behind.

Below are just some of the many benefits that the Future File system provides for you and your loved ones that help you to gain peace of mind, while you save them future stress, time and money.

Peace of Mind
Future File helps provide comfort to your loved ones by helping to minimize stress during the grieving process or during a medical issue. That’s peace of mind for both you today and your loved ones when a difficult life event occurs.
Information Access
Future File creates easy access to your important documents and information, including digital assets, so your loved ones can easily find what they need if and when you become incapacitated or pass on.
Financial Planning
End-of-life expenditures are the 3rd most expensive purchase that a household typically makes. Future File helps you make sure that your passing doesn’t create a financial setback for your loved ones- which can be thousands of dollars or more.
Wishes Clarity
The Future File system helps you to think through and communicate your wishes, so that the life-long burden of making difficult decisions on your behalf won’t be put onto your loved ones, particularly when they are overcome by grief.
“How-To” Guide
The effects of a loved one’s passing can linger for months, if not years. The Future File system provides your loved ones with an easy to follow, step–by–step guide for everything that they need to do in order to finalize your affairs, to reduce the burden of this overwhelming task.
Additional Support
Your Future File system includes helpful tips, things to think through and additional guidance during your loved ones’ time of need.


Future File makes planning for a very difficult time much easier. My husband takes care of our household finances, so I didn’t really know where everything was. If something had happened to him before we used Future File, it would have taken me months to even track down accounts. Now, I feel like I am prepared no matter what life sends my way.

- Angela Lawrence, Hairdresser

Having spent a career assisting the aging, including in nursing homes, I cannot understate the value of the Future File product. I urge everyone to get one not just for themselves, but for their parents. Having children help their aging parents to complete this product will ensure that the parents’ needs are being met and that the children save grief, time and money in the process.

- Dr. Ivan Wolfson, Psychologist and Senior Care Expert

As a teacher, I received a lot of financial and planning resources, but nothing that addressed legacy planning like Future File. I found Future File to be an invaluable product. Now in retirement, with a retired husband, children and grandkids, I want to make sure our affairs are in order and that my family knows about all of the benefits and accounts that I have.

The product is comprehensive and easy to use. It included so many things I would have never thought about on my own. I am telling everyone I know about it!

- Judy Libman, Retired Teacher

Future File solves a “hair-on fire” problem. You may not realize how important it is, but when a loved one passes or becomes incapacitated, you need to solve that problem immediately. My father passing away recently made me realize how important Future File was in helping families to honor their loved ones and take care of their affairs. It’s invaluable.

- Jeremiah Green, CEO and Entrepreneur

As a former NBA player, I know the importance of good and bad advice and preparing for an uncertain future. The Future File system helps create the peace of mind your family needs to be prepared and take care of business.

- Eric Williams, Former NBA Star and Entrepreneur

Having a parent, husband and son that I care deeply about, Future File is a great product and value to help gather important information about yourself for loved ones- and vice versa- in case of unexpected accidents and death.

Not only is Future File excellent because it is so comprehensive and thorough, it also has personal voice. I felt that the personal and first person narrative accounts made this product easy to use.

- Greta Walsh, PhD, Instructional Designer

My partner and I have been together for nearly two decades, but because we are not married, we don’t have certain legal rights if something happens to one of us. Future File helped us to organize our information and wishes so that we can make sure we are involved if something happens to either of us. It’s a product that everyone should have and use.

- Alain Tremblay, Graphic Designer
Retail Price: $149.99
SAVE: $50
Your Special Price: $99.99

The hard copy of the Future File system helps you to organize your information, convey your wishes and provide a roadmap to your loved ones if you become incapacitated due to illness, dementia, etc. or pass away.
It contains:

  • Future File Instructions Manual
  • Future File Guidebook
  • Reusable Filing Folder

Purchase one Future File per family member, as they cannot be shared.

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