Very simply, the Future File systems helps loved ones lessen their burdens, save time and save money when the unthinkable yet inevitable happens.

Lessens Burdens
Saves Time
Saves Money


The Future File system provides you and your loved ones two “roadmaps” for legacy planning and affairs. The first helps you to organize your wishes and important information for your loved ones. The second helps your loved ones know what to do when, plus gives them access to that information.

Future File is an easy-to-use kit to organize your wishes and information all in one convenient “grabbable” filing system. From helping to file important documents like Wills and powers of attorney to sharing medical, financial and medical information, to having spare keys and social media wishes spelled out, your loved ones

will have everything they need for a family crisis, such as an emergency, an aging of a loved one or a death in the family. Plus, we include a budget and information to help you and your loved ones save thousands of dollars.

The Future File system helps you take an important step towards helping your loved ones- financially, emotionally and otherwise- during their greatest time of need. It is great for aging parents, spouses and partners, parents who want to protect their kids and single individuals alike.

The Hard Copy Product

Our hard copy product has three components:

Instructions Manual. This is where you should start. Read it and follow the instructions to help you to complete the Future File system.

Future File Guidebook. This is where you fill out the information and instructions for your loved ones. Because this Guidebook is meant to be readable by a loved one if something happens to you, it is written for their perspective. That’s why the instructions are in a separate manual.

Future File Filing Folder. As you go through the Instructions Manual, you will be prompted to file information, documents and more in this file (or copies of such information or instructions on where to locate the information). You will file that information in sections that correspond to the section of the Instructions Manual. For example, information from Section A of the Instructions Manual will be filed in Section A of your file folder. Also, you will place the completed Guidebook in the front section of the file folder. The Guidebook, along with the additional information that you put into the filing folder separately, will comprise the Future File system that you can give to or share access with your loved ones.

We have found that people over the age of 40 tend to prefer this written format. Where prompted, you do have the option to type or to refer to any already typed/digital information needed.

The Software Product (For Computers Running Windows Only)

Our software product (which is for computers running a Microsoft Windows 7 or higher operating system only; we do not have it for smartphones or for Apple / Mac products) provides the same information as our hard copy product, with the main difference being that you can type the information and save it.

You install the software directly to your computer, so it safely resides on your hard-drive and does not store any information online (unless you choose to put information there). You can install the software moments after purchasing it, so there is no need to wait for something to arrive in the mail.

The software has a tutorial and easy-to-follow navigation to guide you from section to section. The software automatically saves your information as you type. It also has a feature to let you wipe all of the information clean when you finish.

The software does not contain a place to store documents, digitally or physically (keys, etc.). You will have to provide your own filing folder for those items (as it is a digital product, it does not come with one like our hard copy product does). You may file information on your computer, but it will reside separately from the software. As is discussed in the software, it is suggested you print a copy of the information when you finish.

If you are not sure which version of the product to use, we do recommend the hard copy system.

What it Covers

The Future File system covers incapacitations (including medical emergencies and other types of mental incapacitation, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease), immediate needs related to a passing, and longer-term wrapping up of personal affairs.

We have had our product tested by everyday people (see our testimonials HERE), estate planners, financial planners, industry professionals and more to make sure it is fully comprehensive. It covers everything from personal to business information, wishes, personal effects, digital accounts and information and so much more. And, you get all of this for a tremendous value- a small price to pay to give your loved ones the peace of mind, time savings and financial savings that come with preparing your Future File.



The last thing that any living person wants to think about is death, whether it’s the death of their loved ones or their own mortality. However, death is the most certain fact of life. We all have to deal with it and most of us haven’t done enough preparation-- or often any preparation-- for the event that will profoundly affect the emotional and financial well-being of those closest to us.

Not to mention that medical emergencies happen frequently and more and more people are becoming mentally incapacitated due to diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Business and financial expert Carol Roth put together the Future File system for you and your loved ones based on the unexpected passing of her own father, following the losses of her mother and stepmother. Having this system helped her and her sister make difficult decisions with less grief, save substantial time and effort in finding information and taking care of affairs and saved them more than $10,000 through their pre-planning.

The Future File system is now the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, legacy and wishes planning system on the market.


The short answer is: everyone. But, especially if you or your loved ones are over age 30 and/or have children, you must have a Future File system to help those you may leave behind or who will care for you and your affairs in the case of medical issues.


It guides each user through a series of easy-to-understand and follow instructions and action items. It asks you to fill out information pertaining to you and your wishes and take action steps, including putting hard copies of your important documents, keys and other information and assets into your Future File storage folder or secure location.

By doing this, each user will have a Future File system that: (i) walks loved ones through exactly what needs to be done in case of an incapacitation or death; (ii) clearly explains wishes; (iii) gives them immediate access to pertinent information and (iv) helps them to locate other information, documents and assets that they will need.


The Future File system provides a series of benefits to the user and their loved ones, including:

Assisting with financial planning for end-of life preparation
Providing access to important documents and information
Clarifying of wishes to ease decision making
Providing critical information to take care of affairs
Providing guidance on what to do in the time of need

You can find more information about key benefits on the “Benefits” page.


Carol Roth is known worldwide as a business and finance expert. She’s a recognizable multi-media personality, showing up on your TV, online and on other platforms each week, including hosting Microsoft’s Office Small Business Academy show, contributing to outlets ranging from CNBC to CNN to Fox Business, and judging America’s Greatest Makers, a million-dollar prize technology and business TV competition show from Mark Burnett (Shark Tank, The Voice, Survivor, The Apprentice) and Intel Corporation.

Carol has a background as an investment banker and deal maker, helping clients complete more than $2 Billion in transactions and transformational initiatives. She is a noted advocate for entrepreneurship, being named as a Top 100 Small Business Influencer by Small Biz Trends every year since 2011.

Carol also is an international speaker and works with major brands on a variety of business initiatives, ranging from Microsoft to Bank of America to MasterCard and more. Her book, The Entrepreneur Equation, was a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller.

Carol created the Future File system to help others, having been through the process of losing four loved ones by the time she was 40, including most recently, her vibrant and healthy father, who passed unexpectedly from a freak accident. While she was not fully prepared for any of these situations, having been through it three times prior, when her father passed, she and her sister had his affairs and wishes in order.

While Carol and her sister were in shock and full of grief, they had previously, with their father, created the prototype for the Future File to be their guide. They were so thankful that their father had worked with them to pre-plan his death. The preplanning wasn’t for him though; it was for his girls. Because of his willingness to do this, they knew what his wishes were and the scope of the financial costs and burdens that they were in store for. They wouldn’t have been able to make the difficult decisions that needed to be made while they were in that state of mind once he passed if he had not taken this step to plan for his future passing.

In fact, Carol notes that they would have spent more than $10,000 more than they did had they not explored and known her father’s wishes.

Because their father loved his girls so much, he went through the uncomfortable conversations and the tasks of assembling what became the prototype for the Future File. He wanted to leave them with the minimal amount of additional burden, especially at a time when he knew they would be under the greatest stress and sadness of their lives.

Carol took that to create the Future File so now, anyone can do the same for their loved ones. She says the product is in memory of her father and in respect for you and your loved ones.