The Future File® system was designed to help you to help your loved ones in their greatest time of need. It’s the last and most important gift that you can leave behind.

Below are just some of the many benefits that the Future File system provides for you and your loved ones that help you to gain peace of mind, while you save them future stress, time and money.

Peace of Mind
Losing a loved one or having a medical issue or emergency creates incredible grief and stress. The Future File system helps provide comfort to your loved ones by helping to minimize stress during the grieving process and other difficult times. That’s peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.
Accessibility of Important Documents and Information

The Future File system makes it easy for your loved ones to access important documents and information, including digital assets, so that if you become incapacitated or pass on, your loved ones are able to easily find everything that they need.

Financial Planning
Funerals and other end-of-life expenditures are the 3rd most expensive purchase that a household typically makes, behind a home and a car. Future File helps you make sure that your passing doesn’t create a financial setback for your loved ones, through discussions of future costs, planning and wishes clarity. It also helps you to think through financial products, such as insurance, that can help your loved ones cover those costs, which can be thousands of dollars or more.
Clarity of Wishes to Ease Decision Making

The Future File system helps you to think through and communicate your wishes, so that the burden of making difficult decisions on your behalf won’t be put onto your loved ones, particularly when they are overcome by grief.  This also allows your loved ones to live their lives without the burden and worry of whether they made the right decisions on your behalf.

“How-To Guide” and Critical Information to Take Care of Affairs

The effects of a loved one’s passing can linger for months, if not years. The Future File system provides your loved ones with an easy to follow, step–by–step guide for everything that they need to do in order to finalize your affairs, which can be incredibly overwhelming, no matter the size of the estate.

Additional Support

Your Future File system includes helpful tips, things to think through and additional guidance during your loved ones’ time of need.