Future File® Software Download Link (for Windows Only; No Mac/Apple Computers).

You can download your Future File® software from the link below. You will need to be connected to the Internet only to download and register the software (using the product key(s) sent to you by email).

Click the button below to download. Note that your browser will alert you to save and/or run the software with a small message, possibly near the bottom of your screen. Make sure to click “Run” to start the installation on your computer (no phones and no Mac/Apple computers; Windows operating systems only).




Once you have downloaded and installed the software, fill out all other information required in the registration process and hit “Register and Continue”.

Make sure to fill-out the information to register the product to the person whose information will be entered into the Future File system (to give to their loved ones on their behalf). For example, if you are filling out the Future File on behalf of your mother, enter her information at registration.

Should you have technical questions, please visit for assistance.