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I am moving to a new computer. How can I move my software?

When developing the Future File software, the company had to make a decision between security and portability. Through extensive research and beta testing, they found that people preferred security due to the sensitive nature of the information involved and thus, preferred to have the software data stored securely on a computer, rather than in the cloud where it could be hacked.

So, the underlying database in the actual software likely can’t be transferred to a different computer if something happens to the one it’s residing on. But, as you fill in the software, you have ability to print out or save the information to a PDF as you go through it. If you like, you can encrypt or password protect that file for enhanced security and choose to put it on your own cloud account (Dropbox, One Drive, etc.) to access it if something happens to your computer.

And, if you had printed your full Future File document out already, you’d still have a backup hard copy of your information, so you would just need to retype that page/information in the software program and reprint just that page if you needed to update or change anything.

If your computer has an issue within a reasonable amount of time after your software purchase, please contact us HERE.