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Is my information secure?

Generally speaking, yes. If you are using the hard copy version of the Future File, your information will remain offline, free from security issues that arise from using the internet, such as potential hackers.

If you are using the software version of the Future File, this software is downloadable to your device of choice, so that you are not exposing your information online. All information will reside securely on your own device.

That being said, for whichever version you are using, it is imperative that you keep the location of your completed Future File system secure at all times. It will contain all of your personal and financial information, so you don’t want a sloppy family member to lose the information or have it fall into the hands of someone who can use it to drain your bank account and steal your identity.

If you choose to store elements online, you must keep those secure as well.

For the software version, you should keep your password and answers to your security questions safe. You do have the opportunity to clear all data from the software version, once you have completed the system and printed a copy.

Please see our Legal Disclaimers page in either version of the Future File system for important notes about security and our disclaimers of liability.