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Software- How do I use the software?

If you have purchased the Future File system software, use the email we sent you to download the software to your Windows-based computer. There is a code in the email required to unlock the software and register it to the user.

Follow the software prompts from there, including reviewing the built in tutorial that will open after installation and registration. You can also access the tutorial at any time from the Help menu for a refresher.

Generally speaking, the top window pane of the software has instructions and the bottom window pane is where you enter your information.

You press the buttons on the bottom to move forward and mark items as complete when you are done with them.

When you have finished entering the information, you print out the information through the “PRINT” menu. This becomes your Guidebook to leave behind for your loved ones, with information you have gathered via the instruction prompts along the way. You can print a physical copy or make a PDF copy if you prefer (please see the security issues with PDFs above).